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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Developing Countries Through Technology Transfer? - A Survey of Empirical Evidence

  • Abstract

    While greenhouse gas emissions are projected to rise primarily in the developing countries, the potential for developing new technologies is primarily found in industrialized countries. Not only for predictions about the future emission path, but also for climate mitigation policies it is thus important to understand how the international diffusion of energy- and emission-saving technology takes place and how it affects the energy systems and the greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries. This paper gives an overview over the different channels for international technology transfer. The focus is on the empirical evidence of the effects of energy and emission saving technologies on greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries.
  • Keywords

    climate change; developing countries; FDI; trade; technology diffusion; technology transfer
  • JEL classification

    O33, O13, F18, F21, F35, Q54