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Michael Hübler ,

Costs of Climate Change - The Effects of Rising Temperatures on Health and Productivity in Germany

  • Abstract

    The aim of the study is to quantify climate induced health risks for Germany. Based on high resolution climate scenarios for the period 2071 to 2100 we forecast the number of days with heat load and cold stress. The heat frequency and intensity rise overall but more in the south. Referring to empirical studies on heat induced health effects we estimate an average increase in the number of heat induced casualties by a factor of more than 3. Heat related hospitalization costs increase 6-fold not including the cost of ambulant treatment. Heat also reduces the work performance resulting in an estimated output loss of between 0.12 % and 0.48 % of GDP.
  • Keywords

    Costs of climate change
    health effects
    heat waves
    hospitalization costs
    labor productivity
  • JEL classification

    I10, Q51, Q54
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