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Dr. Steven Bosworth, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone +49 431 8814 630
Mobile phone +49 162 8810365
Current research topics

Behavioral economic theory Context-dependent preferences Public goods


Experimental economics Microeconomics

Short biography

Steven joined the IfW in October 2013 after completing his PhD studies at the University of Pittsburgh. His dissertation, "Essays on social capital and coordination," used experimental economic methods to study how peoples' generalized trust impacts their decision-making in coordination games, how others' expectations influence decisions in coordination games, and how crime impacts peoples' trust and decision making. Steven is now working on the project "Caring Economics" supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking. This project takes an interdisciplinary approach to human decision-making to explore the ways in which peoples' motivations may depend on context. We combine evolutionary, biological and psychological approaches with economic models and seek to test their predictions.

Selected publications